Welcome to Momo!

London's original North African Den



When Parisian-Algerian restaurateur Mazouz arrived in London in 1995,

among the first things that he did was look for a place to eat his homely couscous.


He couldn’t find any until his Vespa took him to Heddon Street, and at the time it

was a dark semi-abandoned walkway located off Regent Street in West end, London...



Today Momo encompasses of Music, Food and Visual aesthetics consisting of four spaces: restaurant, café, outdoor terrace and basement bar/ disco including a highly talked about live music program.


Momo Restaurant Familial opened in 1997.



"The A list have raved about Mourad Mazouz's Moroccan food for 10 years now.

By rights, Momo should have been taken over by the bourgeois crowd, but, somehow,

it hasn't. That must be down to Mazouz, who is effortlessly cool.” The Sunday Times


Momo Restaurant Familial



“Starters range from traditional briouats and zaalouk to fusion dishes like

scrumptiously sweet sea-fresh scallops with beetroot, and mixed seafood with

falafel in a light saffron sauce. The usual tagines and couscous rise to new heights

here. Our chicken couscous was fabulous: marinated cumin-infused grilled breast

with earthily spiced broth and tender veg; harissa with coriander; and astonishingly

light, almost silkily fine couscous.