Friends of my friends...


Alissa Descotes Toyosaki

Reporter franco-japonaise passionnée du Sahara, Alissa Descotes-Toyosaki est partie accomplir en 2003 une traversée du désert avec les caravaniers du sel pendant 4 mois avec 2 chameaux, une camera et un panneau solaire financés par Mourad Mazouz. Ce voyage a inspiré par la suite la création de l'association Sahara-Eliki avec des chameliers de Djanet dans le sud algérien pour redynamiser l'élevage camelin  grace à un sponsoring de chameaux et l'organisation de circuit en caravane.

Annabel Karim Kassar



Annabel Karim Kassar works closely with Mourad Mazouz to design the look and feel of our establishments. She has influenced the interior design and architecture of Momo, Andy Wahloo and Sketch. In 2005, Annabel and her agency delivered the Almaz by Momo concept in Dubai.


Bacchus PR

Bacchus has been our PR agency since Momo opened in 1997. Through great press relationships, the Bacchus team has built and maintained a strong media presence for Momo, both nationally and internationally.


Clémence Farrell


Clemence Farrell scénographe et designer est complice d'Ich&kar depuis de nombreuses années. Avec Momo et Ich&Kar, elle participe à travers ses croquis et dessins idées, de loin ou de près, à certains projets d'espaces de la sphère Momo…



Enchanted Tunes

Since 1999, Enchanted Tunes has been the music booker behind the live concerts at Momo’s Kemia Bar. Every Tuesday night they help create magical and unforgettable evenings!


Hassan Hajjaj


Hassan and Mourad have been friends since they met in the 90's in Camden.  Mourad has always been very enthusiastic and happy to support the development of Hassan's art. As a result you can see Hassan artistic input in most of Mourad's establishments including the highly acclaimed interior of Andy Wahloo in Paris and the artwork on Momo's T-shirts.




Ich&Kar has been our creative agency since 2000. The company created the famous Kemia Bar calendar, the Sketch look book (Winner of the “D&AD Award in 2006”) and is currently working on Momo’s new visual identity and website. Ich&Kar has become an essential partner in the Momo success story.



Purple PR

Purple was established in 1997 to provide public relations services to leading international brands within the fashion, beauty, music, design and luxury goods industries. We are proudly independent in philosophy, attitude and in operation.


SeftonHornWinnch Creative Kitchen&Restaurant concepts

Since 1997, SHW ahs worked with us to create each of our kitchen and bar designs. We have developed several projects, which work to reflect our dream interiors whilst responding to each site’s operational needs, creating the best design and workflow.